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Benefits of WeatherTech Floor Mats

With the snow and ice just around the corner for drivers across Canada, it’s time to start thinking about how you can protect your car from the elements. And if you don’t have good floor mats to protect your carpet and the interior of your car, here’s why you should reconsider.


1) They protect your investment

Whatever kind of vehicle you have, whether it’s a car, truck, minivan or four-by-four, you’ve likely invested a lot of money into it. So why not protect your investment? The last thing you want to do is to replace your car’s carpet, so it’s important to protect them with WeatherTech floor mats. Plus, if you come to sell your car or truck in a few years and the carpet has salt and water damage, that will impact how much your car is worth.


2) They can be custom fit to your vehicle

Not all floor mats protect your vehicle like WeatherTech floor mats do. And floor mats for your car should never be one-size-fits-all. WeatherTech floor mats can be custom fit to your vehicle’s size, shape and other specifications to ensure that every inch of your carpet is protected.


3) They protect your car from the elements

In the winter, snow, ice and road salt can wreak havoc on your car’s interior carpet. Even rain can ruin your carpet and can even cause them to mould. WeatherTech floor mats keep your car’s carpet protected and in great condition. Road salt stains can be impossible to clean, so avoid them altogether by investing in floor mats.


4) They can protect every part of your car’s interior

When car owners think of floor mats, they often just think of the mats that go in the front seat of the car. But WeatherTech makes mats for every part of your car’s floor, from front seat floor liners to trunk liners and even liners for pickup trucks.


5) They’re easy to clean

On top of all the weather-related mess that gets tracked into your car, other messes can happen too. Spilling coffee or children’s drinks are common mishaps for many car owners. But because WeatherTech floor mats are so easy to clean, you don’t have to worry about these minor spills anymore. Simply wipe them up as soon as spills happen, and you’re good to go – no stains!


At Go! Glass locations across Ontario and the Maritimes, we’re proud to carry WeatherTech accessories for your vehicle. Check out some of the other products we carry to protect your car!