Tonneau covers

A variety of covers to protect your truck bed.

A tonneau cover is a great way to securely haul your valuable gear, tools, or whatever load you need to carry. Tonneau covers come in a wide range of materials and styles for different uses and sizes to fit just about any pickup truck.


Rolling covers are typically soft covers made of a durable canvas or vinyl material. These allow quick access to the full bed quickly, and can be easily removed and stored, but they cannot be locked.


Available in both soft and hard materials, folding covers offer the convenience of a rolling cover with the security of a full, hard cover.


Hard covers, usually made out of fibreglass, offer the most security. They add a sleek look to your truck and are incredibly durable against weather. They can be locked securely to protect all the items in the truck bed.

Whichever type of tonneau cover you choose, having a tonneau cover can improve your truck’s gas mileage due to their ability to improve your truck’s aerodynamics.

Popular tonneau cover brands we offer are Truxedo, Extang, Bak, Rugged Cover, Lund, and RTX.

Customize your pickup according to your needs and your lifestyle all while keeping your gear safe and secure!

Depending on your needs, you might also consider a truck cap, which gives you a larger secure space and is popular with campers and hunters and fishermen.

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